Saturday, 9 February 2013

Hello Everyone.

I started planning my garden this week.  Yes I know it is the middle of winter but I wanted to purchase any new seeds this weekend so, therefore, I had to start planning.  Below is a not-to-scale schematic of my garden beds; a photo of the bed layout can be viewed here.

A few notes about the layout:
  1. The beds labelled 1 to 5 are 5'x12'.......beds 2 and 3 are probably about 4'x12'.
  2. The sqaure beds are 5'x'5'.
  3. All beds are raised.
  4. Red dots are individual plants or groups of plants.  Red lines are rows.
  5. I spread a generous helping of composted horse manure on each bed in late October after everything was harvested and the beds cleaned out.
 Some changes of note for the upcoming season will include:
·         A complete crop rotation. 
·        Planting corn and beets for the first time.
·         More carrots.
·         Less beans.
·         Protection of the peanuts after seeding.  I got a big fat zero last year.  I think it was the chipmunks and not the dogs.
·         Adding Brandywine tomatoes.

The reason I purchase my seeds early is to ensure I get the exact variety of each vegetable I want and …… it’s kind of fun going to the garden centre (even if there is 3 feet of snow outside).

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