Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Avalon Ranch

We went to the Avalon Ranch just outside of Renfrew on Saturday morning to check out the Dock Dogs competition they were hosting.  I was just curious if this would be something I could get Homer and Cosmo into.  I have to come clean and admit we left Homer and Cosmo home because of the +30°C temperatures (Homer doesn't do well in the heat), not to mention their mother is a bit embarrassed at their public conduct around other dogs.  But I digress.

The ranch was very clean, spacious and dog friendly.  The event was professionally run and very organized.  We got there just as they were getting ready for the start of the competition. Although there were many dogs around I noticed it was rather quiet.......until the first dog jumped and made a splash.  Then many dogs waiting for their turn got excited and started barking knowing they would soon be in the water (my boys do the same thing).

Here is a video compilation of some of the dogs.  The last dog is Taz, the current world record holder for the longest jump (+30 feet).  The final shots are of him wearing a really neat Canada-flag jersey.  The ranch's web site also has some great videos. 

Would this be a fun thing for Homer and Cosmo?  Absolutely.  Dogs of all shapes, sizes, ages and breeds took part.  From a very small mixed breeds to dogs of all ages, this sport can be competitive or just a way to let your dog have a great (and safe) time.  I almost forgot about Mollie.  Molly just loves to jump in after her toy and does so without hesitation.....but getting her out of the pool took some coaxing.....you see, if you stay in the pool you can swim around with your toy and no one can take it away.  Very funny.

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